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Dec 3, 2013 6:00pm PST
attend for november showed further signs of improvement in the economy. income tax receipts are more than six hundred million euro higher than november two thousand and twelve despite no income tax increases while spending on social welfare is one hundred twenty two million euro lower than planned. both are consistent with last week's pick is showing a rise in employment and to follow and the number is on the effect is to become husband and child even joins us now with a net long time wasting for that show but is this a quite possible the text and content yes it is in the november numbers are always important for the government because it's the biggest amount of tax to get in in the year because the smoothie as self employed people pay their taxes and traditionally it's also been the month on which the following year's budget has been pasted it normally you would expect the budget within two or three days of these expect returns to the november above what is that the kids are showing us is that the couple to stop in more tax than they sold to open the gideon and also spending less money t
Dec 4, 2013 6:00pm PST
nineteen ninety two. pfizer plays a significant role in the local economy and community. it's not a great time this is a very family orientated it at business here in pfizer their thumb is to be here for many years and it's going to affect on his deep rooted right into the community. he still had to face the proceedings feel that it is a good job with packages of employer. on friday said to constitute dinos mom isn't here to see if they can salvage any of these jobs but kevin or pfizer has said about the global challenges it faces. the married is not optimistic. paul called in our seniors new bridge type to go there. i design and has raised enough money for privacy fence tuesday to pay more than two baby angel rope to the government next week the deal means i'm in is dense with peak sun knowing that the region in the expected his act as a saturday that are fake. so after years of live music by far than spikes. today there are positive developments which produces the national debt. the price for the banking crisis the taxpayer rescued by the bargains which four point eight in the innuendo
Dec 2, 2013 6:00pm PST
for forgery in the case of forging our economies. sl is another solicitor signature he said this was a particularly nasty crime clean clothes that seven years as a consecutive sentence suspended. the final four years leaving a total of twelve years. these ads and on the other for three offences he imposed a five year sentence but that the law society issued a statement makes at this afternoon and sentient find that everything that could be done it was done this. this had been that the victims mice might say yes. as for the law society issued a statement after the sentencing welcoming does this sentence saying the crimes were disgraceful and current and they welcomed the sentence. law society said that all the victims who had applied to their compensation funds had been compensated in fact they said that seven point two million euro had been paid out to victims of thomas barnett as he was hurt in order donald's reports that santa was said in court today passed many of the victims were not in fact pay any compensation directly or solicitors fees were paid to the store yesterda
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3